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Wine Time December 7


Aaron Winsor

Hello Prince Albert!

There is a tendency in the wine world to look down on boxed wine but how do people feel about wine from a can? Initial reactions to canned wine are both positive and negative: it is affordable, easy to transport for hiking, picnics or bringing to a party and the recyclable can is handy.

Let’s look at the negative reactions to wine in a can: some feel cans leave a metallic taste in the wine, the wine is too cheap to be any good and it is not an impressive way to serve guests.

Generally, canned wines seem to be held in lower esteem than their boxed counterparts. Never being one to judge a wine based on looks or cost, I tried a few cans of wine from Australian brand Lindeman’s and here are my thoughts.

The wines sampled were all 200ml cans starting with the Pinot Grigio, then the Chardonnay and finally the Shiraz to wrap things up. The Pinot Grigio was very neutral and had a low impact on the aroma and taste.

There were also some off-flavors (hints of sulfur) which can be resolved by aeration or decanting. This is a simple and easy-sipping wine which strays so far from challenging the palate that it ends up on the edge of boring.

After the basic flavors of the Pinot, the Chardonnay almost bursts from the glass with medium-high intensity. Floral, fruity and bright, this took things in the right direction and I was impressed by the amount of flavor in this affordable Chardonnay. There was a bit of effervescence with this chard which certainly livened up the experience and made it very food-friendly.        

Finally, time for Shiraz! As soon as the first sniff was taken, a rush of high-intensity scents jumped right out of the glass with a distinct grapey, juicy aroma. The scent was truly mouthwatering and I spent several minutes simply sniffing this fruity red wine. With its full body and high flavor intensity, this wine satisfies that itch for a full and flavorful Australian Shiraz.

Has this settled the canned wine debate?

The only way to make up your mind to is try a few and I would recommend the Shiraz or the Chardonnay from Lindeman’s. I would pass next time on the Pinot.

Here are my wine picks of the week!

Lindeman’s Pinot Grigio 2018: (South Eastern Australia). Off-dry white, pale lemon colour. A low intensity nose of stonefruits (pears, peaches) and lemon peels followed by hints of sulfur. Medium acidity and medium-minus body on the palate leave this feeling a bit flat. Neutral and simple with lemon citrus and pears. Easy to sip on but doesn’t impress. $5, 8.5% ABV

Lindeman’s Chardonnay 2018: (South Eastern Australia). Medium-dry white, medium lemon colour. Medium-plus intensity on the nose with fresh apple skins, field flowers, cooked peaches and vanilla. Zesty and bright to the taste with medium-plus acidity and medium-minus body. Quite intense and flavorful with peaches, pears, apples and a touch of soft honey. $5, 8.5% ABV

Lindeman’s Shiraz 2018: (South Eastern Australia). Off-dry red, deep purple colour. Pronounced intensity immediately with scents of dark cherries, grape jelly, red currants and grape-flavored Jolly Ranchers. Truly mouthwatering. On the palate, very grapey and flavorful with juicy cherries, concord grape juice, medium-plus body and medium-plus acidity. Medium tannins provide some balance and structure. Pair with steak! $5, 9% ABV

Cheers and thanks for reading!

   Aaron Winsor is a Prince Albert local whose work experience with the SLGA is what ignited his passion for high quality wines, beers and spirits. He has continued his wine education through WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) and has achieved level 3. Check him out on Instagram  @aaron_the_wine_guy