Waiting for Forgiveness

It’s a horror of ever widening scope.
Realize, we can’t deny total responsibility.
Children died all over this land, at our hands,
fulfilled the foolish rules by the head of state.
To blame, we are branded the killers,
at this date, our fate claimed.

Torn from loving family ties by grand lies,
education was a prize to be sought.
In cruel schools, they were caught, stranded,
scorned, often raped insane, again and again.
So many tried to escape the pain, the hate
Many more cried day and night, forlorn.

I apologize for my race, my colour white
a damn disgrace, presently not right.
It’s forever a shame, we face, never erased.
I mourn genocide, at a cost I can’t ignore,
entire generations lost to planned evil,
wishing they had never been born.

Sworn to secrecy, it’s a case of fatal fraud
in the name of God above and sanctified.
This is my outcry and my reconciliation.
I can’t cope with the guilt I’ve built inside.
I pray for forgiveness, hope to save me.
Nothing will ever be the same.

Still more unmarked graves are traced.
I will adorn them, wise, embrace their culture.
We will rise on the wings of snow white doves,
pure, brave and free to fly with true pride.

-Ayami Greenwood