Vaccine fraud on provincial radar

Vaccine file photo.

The province is aware of ‘unconfirmed’ cases of people paying others to use their health card to get vaccinated, said provincial health officials on Nov. 2.

Reports have circulated for several weeks but the issue was raised in a media call with provincial representatives including Scott Livingstone, head of the Sask. Health Authority and Marlo Pritchard, CEO of the Sask Public Safety Agency.

“We are aware, and have been made aware, of some instances across the province where individuals are coming forward claiming that they are vaccinating individuals for covid-19 and these are fraudulent claims,” said Livingstone.

However, no specific instances have come up where the fraudsters have been caught red-handed, he said.

Pritchard said he has also heard the reports and that paying someone else to take a vaccine using wrong health information is fraud.

“Because this is a fraud, this becomes a criminal offence so we may partner with a local police service of jurisdiction and carry it on,” he said. “I would encourage anybody, including the pharmacy employees, if they’re aware of situations that may be a fraud to utilize our (1-855-559-5502) line to report those incidences.”

He said all incidents will be investigated.