‘My uncle by blood’: Dylan Bennett’s alleged attacker denied bail in West Flat arson case

Dylan Bennett in his hospital bed. Arthur White-Crummey/Daily Herald

A man accused of brutally stabbing his nephew, and then apparently leaving him to burn, was denied bail on Friday.

Tommy Lee Sakebow is also facing charges for an alleged rape on Pelican Lake First Nation and an aggravated assault in Saskatoon, both dating back to the weeks before the July 31 fire.

Sakebow is accused of stabbing Dylan Bennett, 20, in a West Flat home that morning. Bennett, who spent days recovering in hospital, confirmed that Sakebow is his “uncle by blood.”

Bennett’s attacker left him bleeding out from four stab wounds as the house went up in flames. Two passers-by witnessed the blaze and pulled the young man out, likely saving his life.

The rescuers, Derrick Boyer and Emily Bird, came to Prince Albert’s provincial courthouse on Friday to watch Sakebow’s bail hearing. The family of the accused was also present.

None of the evidence presented in court can be revealed, due to a temporary publication ban. But Bird and Boyer shared their reactions to the judge’s decision to keep Sakebow in jail pending trial.

“It felt good,” Boyer said, “he shouldn’t be on the streets.”

Bird said the couple has been keeping in touch with Bennett’s family. They felt his mother would have wanted them to attend.

The fire destroyed the family’s home on 18 Street West, where Bennett lived with his mother. The support of friends and relatives has helped them raise enough money for a security deposit on a new place.

On Friday, Bennett told the Daily Herald that he was outside enjoying a game of croquet on the family’s new yard.

“I’m healing fine,” he said in a Facebook message. “I’m thankful. Everyone is happy; we’re all together.”

His uncle, he said, “does need help.”

Sakebow is due to return to court next week.