Ultimate performance

St. Mary High School band director Kayleigh Skomorowski leads the senior band through rehearsals for the school’s upcoming year-end concert. (Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald)

St. Mary senior band students take final bow at year-end concert

When Kayleigh Skomorowski was in high school, band class was more than just a bunch of students playing music together; it was a community.

Now that she’s all grown up, the St. Mary High School band director is hoping to pass that feeling on to her students.

“They’re with the same kids for four years and thy have all these different experiences together,” she explained.

“They go on their trips together and we have all the concerts together, so even their relationships with each other are very different from their relationships with other classmates.”

As the school year winds down, Skomorowski will be saying goodbye to her senior band. She said she’s seen her students grow not only as musicians, but as people during their high school careers.

“It’s always kind of sad to see them go because it’s a different kind of relationship being their music teacher for four years than just a regular classroom teacher … just spending all that extra time and really seeing them in their element,” she said.

“They get to really be themselves when they’re in that room and when they’re in that group, so you just get to see a different side to them than you would usually see in the hallways.”

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