Tweets and tariffs

The Canadian and American flag flowing in the wind. — David Chilstrom via Flickr

Bianca Bharti, Daily Herald

Americans are doing the most Canadian thing on Twitter: apologizing. Our neighbours to the south took to the social media platform to say SORE-EE on behalf of their president, while we celebrated Canada Day this past weekend.

However, with all the apologies and celebrating going on, July 1 also marked the first day of retaliatory tariffs against the U.S. going into effect.

The long list includes:

  • yogurt
  • coffee
  • maple sugar
  • maple syrup
  • cucumbers
  • orange uice
  • ketchup
  • whiskey
  • toilet paper
  • dishwashers
  • sleeping bags
  • playing gards
  • pizza
  • motorboats

The list goes on and products range. Steel products will have a 25 per cent surtax, while aluminum and other products will have a 10 per cent surtax.

The tariffs are a response to U.S.-implemented tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum at the end of May.

President Donald Trump called imports of steel and aluminum a threat to American national security, according to a White House press release.