Trustee school tours to be changed because of COVID-19

The Sask Rivers Education Centre/ Daily Herald File Photo

COVID-19 may once again cause the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education to change their plans when it comes to touring schools in the division. At the board’s regular meeting on Monday, Feb. 8 the board was updated on the plans for 2021/22 year.

 “It might be obvious that the board is not going to go out physically on tour but they are looking at some alternative formats,” director of education Robert Bratvold said.

In 2020, the board was only able to complete one day of tours before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down in person learning in March 2020.

In a memo, it was suggested that school tours be done virtually in 2021. Planning is just beginning for what tours will look like in spring.

In January, the board received a report from the School Community Council of Wild Rose School about their trustee representative in the school clusters. The issue was discussed at the boar’s development seminar and the two parties are working out a solution.

The letter stated that another meeting should be held between the parties on Jan. 19. Bratvold explained that the process was not necessarily clear to everyone involved.

“It was really good conversation and knowing that one of the things that is involved in that is making sure the board will develop a one page communication to send out to all of the SCC reps,” Bratvold said.

The topics of the communication will include what an SCC representative is, what a trustee representative is, what the purpose of school cluster is and how they determine clusters and how it may differ from who was elected as trustee for an area.

 “It was a good conversation and a good outcome in terms of the communication and sharing this with SCCs. And then the last thing was that they are very pleased with their cluster trustee assigned to their school cluster.”