Three cheers for spring

Snow melting is a sure sign that spring has arrived. We have been waiting for weeks to say, “spring is here.” But living in Saskatchewan, we all know the unpredictable nature of the weather means we can still see snow, freezing rain and slippery conditions. While we switch seasons do not rush out the door in the morning without first checking weather conditions. Travellers check the highway conditions. While you might wear a heavier coat in the morning, dressing in layers will keep you comfortable throughout the day’s activities.

Spring means a lot of us can hardly wait to get outdoors. But there are still piles of snow along roadways and our favorite walking path might still be snow covered too. As we look for a safe place to walk, be sure to wear something bright so you can be seen by traffic. Do you your best to walk against the traffic where no sidewalk is available. Motorists do you best to spot pedestrians who suddenly step into traffic to dodge a puddle. Pedestrians, it’s essential to cross at the cross walk. The traffic expects you there not in the middle of the block. A few cyclists have already grabbed their bikes and ventured out but it is still a bit risky for cycling with lots of gravel, some snow ridges still evident but hey if you are headed out obey the rules of the road and don’t forget your cycling helmet. Speaking of bikes, now is a wonderful time to dust off the bikes for the family. Pump up the tires, check the brakes, ensure everyone still fits their wheels. If you need visit a local dealer for a spring tune up or a new set of wheels. With spring comes skateboards too and of course maybe your child has grown over the winter. Get the right fit for your helmet to keep the head safe!

Spring sadly starts to show the hidden trash of winter that was covered by the snow. Help keep your yard and your neighborhood clean by picking up some of that trash. If you discover a needle or other potentially dangerous “sharp” object, removing it can be safely done by you. Wear some gloves, pick the needle from the plunger end never the sharp needle end. Drop it into a puncture resistant container and dispose of it safely at a safe location like our needle exchange facility. Please do not throw the needle into a trash container especially where the potential exists that someone could be harmed if they are hand sorting like in our recycling depots.

Warmer temperatures will melt away the last of the snow and ice from your yard, but the long-awaited opening of lakes will also occur. Time to stay off rivers, lakes, ponds, and dugouts. The water underneath will be extremely cold should you fall into the water, hypothermia will set in quite quickly. Remind your children now that with melting snow the shoreline is slippery and unstable, so be safe and stay off the ice. While the geese might be asking who booked their trip seeing all this snow, we know with warmer temperatures it will not be long till we can enjoy our yards and cottages.

As we transition from winter to spring, staying dry is important, especially for our feet. So, grab some rubber boots or other waterproof footwear when you head out for an afternoon walk with friends and family. Three cheers for spring!!! Be Safe and enjoy the weather!