‘They can’t help themselves:’ national adoption event in P.A. for first time

Assistant store leader Liana Maloney holds Jane, a two-year-old cat up for adoption. Jane has been in PetSmart's care since the end of April and was in Meadow Lake Humane Society's shelter for months prior. (Jayda Noyes/Daily Herald)

Jayda Noyes, Daily Herald

About 30 animals visiting PetSmart this weekend don’t have proper homes, but workers are hoping to change that reality with their adoption event.

PetSmart Charities hosts a national campaign four times a year to support animal welfare, but this is the first time Prince Albert is taking part.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, cats and dogs in need from Meadow Lake Humane Society and Northern Animal Rescue will be submerged in love and cuddles.

For assistant store leader Liana Maloney, the event trails deep in her heart.

“To be able to get them placed and to save their lives is the best thing you can do. They can’t do it themselves, so we need to do it for them,” she said. “They’re just little souls and they can’t help themselves.”

Maloney has been organizing the event for the past three months.

She said it’s also about awareness of animal homelessness, the result of not taking preventative measures to reduce overpopulation.

“Most people know that they need to spay and neuter, but if they come down here and talk to people on site they can learn, if they are having financial issues, where to find the funding to get it done,” she said.

Store leader Michael Murphy added Prince Albert sees more animals without homes because the city is close to many communities.

“A lot of our rescues come from northern (communities) where there is an epidemic and problem with (animals in need),” he said.

Murphy said often owners will surrender dogs because they aren’t listening or they’re hard to take care of.

“When they’re frustrated, they can come here…there is avenues they can go to solve and correct the problems,” he emphasized.

In addition to the adoption, people can bring their pets and enter them in contests for best groomed, most colourful bird and fanciest fish, to name a few, for a donation of pet food or supplies.

Miniature horses and a donkey will be there for free photo opportunities as well as a BBQ for more community involvement.

All animals are spayed or neutered and vaccinated, costing $75 to $80 for a cat and $200 for a dog.

PetSmart Charities encourages anyone who can’t adopt to snap a photo of the pets and upload to social media with #PicMe.

According to PetSmart Charities of Canada, nearly a third of animals will wait for months in shelters before being adopted.