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Home Arts ‘Symbol of hope’: Studio 1010 opens newest exhibit with minds on Ukraine

‘Symbol of hope’: Studio 1010 opens newest exhibit with minds on Ukraine


From now until April 26th, the John M. Cuelenaere Library’s Grace Campbell Art Gallery is hosting the Studio 1010 Art Show and Sale.

Like many artists throughout history, many of the pieces are a reflection on our current time, the main one being the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Some of the artists are selling their works for the sole purpose of raising much needed monies for those affected the worst in Ukraine.

One such artist is Sonya Jahn, who has several paintings in the show with the colours of Ukraine’s flag as the predominant colour in them. Her 16×20 piece, “Symbol of Hope”, features a strong national symbol of Ukraine.

“The sunflower is actually the official flower for Ukraine, so it’s extremely symbolic,” Jahn explained.

“It symbolizes both peace and hope, so I wanted to be able to paint it with the hope that this war will end soon, that people can return back to their homeland, back to Ukraine, and the poor refugees. They just want to live in their homeland.”
Jahn feels very humbled to be a part of the exhibit.

“I know that there are some really wonderful artists here. It will bring awareness to the public, for people to realize what a beautiful country Ukraine is. Ukraine is the bread basket of Europe.”

Theresa Pidduck, another Studio 1010 artist, is also positive about the fundraiser.

“I think that’s great,” she said. “I believe (Ukraine) deserves all the support it can get. It’s nice to see that people here are willing to stand up and chip in as much as they can, in their own way.”

Jerome Mrazek is another member of the Studio 1010 art group. His contributions started at a fundraiser at St. George Church’s fundraiser last week by donating a pair of paintings for the effort for Ukraine.

“At least those paintings aren’t just sitting around in my basement,” Mrazek chuckled, adding “They’re seeing a new purpose and they’re helping someone, so I am pleased about that.”

One of Mrazek’s larger painting is of the 10th Street West side of the old City Hall, currently the home of the Prince Albert Arts’ Centre.

“That one just started out as sort of the cortico side of the old city hall, or the Arts Centre,” Mrazek said, adding “It’s on the 10th Street side of the building, and it isn’t painted or photographed very often.

“I decided I was going to paint that, and then the war started, and I guess I was looking at some way that I could contribute myself. I started improvising that piece to incorporate some colours and around the building itself – the door has the (Ukrainian) flag colours, and the bell actually does as well, it’s a bit more subtle.”

When asked why they, the artists, would suggest that people from Prince Albert and area take in the free art show, they each had a different answer.

“There’s a wide variety in how seriously people take their art, but when everybody puts an effort into their art, there’s some really nice stuff that comes out,” said Mrazek.

“I think there’s a lot of local talent,” Pidduck added, admitting “there’s a lot of different styles here, probably something for everybody that they might like.”

“I believe that people should just come out to this, is that I think it is lovely to see. There are so many wonderful, talented artists in this community.”