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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Home News Street cleaning debate sweeps through council

Street cleaning debate sweeps through council

Street cleaning debate sweeps through council
Ward 7 Coun. Dennis Nowoselsky speaks during a council meeting at City Hall. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

City council has forwarded a proposal to budget deliberations that could see Prince Albert streets get a little cleaner.

On Monday, council rejected a proposal from Ward 7 Coun. Dennis Nowoselsky to fund a minimum of two yearly street sweepings on all paved streets. However, they did agree to forward the matter to the next budget committee meeting for further deliberations.

Several councilors expressed concerns about the project’s cost, especially considering the city’s tight financial situation.

“These people that ask (for a second sweeping), we need to go back to them and say, ‘sounds great, and by the way, this is what it costs,’ and then ask them if it’s still something that they really like,” Ward 8 Coun. Ted Zurakowki said during the meeting.

“I would love to be able to do this, but until we know the actual cost, I can’t support it,” added Ward 5 Coun. Dennis Ogrodnick.

Nowoselsky responded that councillors were told there would be official street sweepings in the spring, which never happened due to funding cuts from the provincial government. He said there is a lack of services for Prince Albert’s overtaxed citizens, and wondered when that would change.

“The taxpayers are saying, ‘when are we going to get some better services at our households for the heavy taxes we pay?’”

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