Studio 1010 hosts ‘Meet the Artist’ on Saturday

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald Watercolour artist Jerome Mrazek discussed his work during a Meet The Artists for Studio 1010 at the Prince Albert Arts Centre on Saturday.

The Studio 1010 artist group has been around for over a decade, and on Saturday afternoon, the group held a Meet the Artist session to open their annual show at the John V. Hicks Gallery in the Prince Albert Arts Centre.

Studio 1010 event coordinator and spokesperson Judie Relitz said it gives artists a chance to receive both compliments and criticism, and that’s a great opportunity to have.

“It’s good for morale,” she said. “It’s good to have people see our work.”

Studio 1010 has been painting each Monday in the space across the hall from the Hicks Gallery for 13 years, according to Relitz.

The group started after a few members met in art classes. They wanted to continue doing casual painting, so they approached the Arts Centre about a space. The centre agreed to rent them a space, and the group has been going strong ever sicne.

“It’s a drop in thing for anybody who wants to paint,” Relitz said. “They just come and they bring their painting material and paper and paints and set up a table and they paint.”

The charge is merely a rental on a space to paint, and that covers their rent for the year.

“They start in September and pay their rent for the year,” Relitz explained. “They are considered a member for that year and if they go away for the winter they are still considered a member for the year. And they still get their emails and updates.”

All of the time together as a group has helped the members grow as artists. Relitz said some of them have worked together for more than 13 years.

“We do our Monday afternoon painting and it’s amazing that we have really progressed,” she said. “Our work has really come together. There is no instruction, so if you are stuck on something you just ask somebody and they will help you along and giving advice….. Our work has really come along well.”

The Studio 1010 show runs at the Hicks Gallery until October 23. Relitz said the shows are booked through the Mann Art Gallery as the two are affiliated and Tia Furstenberg assists with creating the show.

“Tia does our hanging and she does a great job,” she said. “We just love her to bits.”

If you are interested in joining Studio 1010 Relitz said to let members know. They meet on Monday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and you can set up a table and join.

“It’s very casual, very informal, you don’t have to get all dressed up. You can just wear your sweats or whatever and you just sit and paint. Sometimes we paint and sometimes we talk all of the time and we solve the world’s problems on Monday afternoons,” Relitz said.

She added that the group has members affiliated with other groups such as the Candle Lake painting group and the Aurora Arts Group so they are mixed with a broad array of other artists.