Students cast their ballots

Riverside Public School student Sidney Jacklin casts a ballot during the Student Vote, a parallel municipal election held in school across the province. A total of 236 Saskatchewan schools participated in this year’s program, including 13 from Prince Albert. © Herald photo by Jason Kerr.

Parallel municipal elections kick off in 13 Prince Albert schools

While some Prince Albert residents were still mulling over their votes on Tuesday, elementary and high school students across Prince Albert were busy casting them.

A total of 13 local schools took part in Student Vote Saskatchewan’s mock election, where students cast ballots for mayoral, city council and school board candidates.

It’s part of a school campaign to help educate the next generation of voters on the electoral process and the act of voting.

“I feel it’s important for the students to get an understanding of what it is, so that when it comes time for them being able to actually vote, they have an idea of what the process is,” explained Tanya Vancoughnett, a teacher at Riverside Public School in Prince Albert.

This is the second year Vancoughnett has helped organize a student vote, and her first as the leader of the project at Riverside.

She said students tend to be a little confused the first time they participate in the election, either as voters and poll station workers. However, they also tend to be fast learners.

“Every year that they do it they’ll only get better, and when it comes time to vote, then they’ll be that much more comfortable knowing what to do.”

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