Student out of country travel not in Catholic Division plans

Daily Herald File Photo

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, there will be no non-essential travel for the 2021-2022 school year in the Prince Albert Catholic School Division.

The board of education received an update on the issue during their regular meeting on Monday. Education director Lorel Trumier explained that the division wanted to consider their options before making a decision.

“We were really waiting to see how things would evolve, obviously because we are optimistic,” Trumier explained. “We have had our staff and our students and our families working very dilligently to move this forward so it’s important that we do our best to make sure that we are as responsive as possible. (We) need to take that seriously for sure.”

Typically, students from Ecole St. Mary High School are the most likely to participate in out of country travel. Trumier said the decision was a formality, since many COVID-19 travel restrictions are still in place.

The board also set a plan in motion to meet with both Minister of Education and MLAs from the Prince Albert area. Board chair Suzanne Stubbs said they had not met with either in a while, and the meetings were overdue. Trumier will return for the September meeting of the board with possible dates for both meetings with October set as a target.

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division is also celebrating their 135 th Anniversary this year and the board has formed a planning committee to assist in organizing for the occasion. Board Chair Suzanne Stubbs, Vice Chair Albert Provost and trustee Patrick Horddyski put their names forward for the board. The school division was formed in March, 1887.

At the meeting, Chief Financial Officer Greg McEwen also said a future natural gas provider has been chosen for the division. The Request for Proposals (RFP) closed on July 7.

Conultant Method Energy recommended that the division accept a five-year proposal from Direct Energy Marketing Limited. Because of the fluctuation of energy prices it is recommended that the selection of a natural gas provider be completed upon closure of the RFP.

Administration has entered into an agreement with Direct Energy Marketing Limited to begin on Nov. 1.