Student diplomats

File photo. Students vote during the 2017 MUNA event at St. Mary School March 22. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

It was Russia’s day at the model United Nations assembly at St. Mary’s Wednesday.

The delegation, made up of St. Mary’s students Lucas Mitchell and Matthew Buglass, will now represent Prince Albert at a regional competition in Winnipeg.

The pair of students beat out competitors from Carlton, Prince Albert Collegiate, St. Mary’s, Rivier and Kinistino Schools to take the title.

Teams were judged based on how well they represented their assigned country’s perspectives, their decorum shown to the assembly’s processes, the quality of research to support their views and their speaking ability.

The Russian delegation beat out two other finalists, a Rivier team representing Nicaragua and a Carlton team representing China to take the title.

The assembly debated two motions. The first would have established a new world economic order where developed countries do more to assist developing nations, while the other would have improved the treatment of Indigenous Peoples from around the world.

The Russian delegation was for the first resolution (after convincing several developing nations to sign on to amendments that would only serve to benefit Russia), but abstained from the second resolution.

They consistently bantered and engaged in cross-talk with other nations, challenging them on inconsistencies in their historical stances, all while following the rules of the assembly.

“I was extremely impressed with everything I saw,” said Morley Harrison of the Rotary Club, which will sponsor the winning team’s trip to Winnipeg.

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