Spiritwood Co-op named 2022 SK Inclusive Employer Award winner

Lake Country Co-op photo Last week the Spiritwood Lake Country Co-op was named 2022 SK Inclusive Employer award winner.

Lake Country Co-op’s Spiritwood team leaders, Michael Sarrazin and Karon Abdai, have been awarded the 2022 SK Inclusive Employer award in recognition of their commitment to inclusive employment.

Sarrazin and Abdai received the award for their support of their team member, Megan Allard. Allard has been a Lake Country Co-op team member since the opening of their new C-store in December of 2021.

Abdai, the C-store manager, said she didn’t expect the recognition.

“I was really surprised. I didn’t know we had been nominated as part of this award. It was a real surprise to me.”

Since that time, Sarrazin, who manages the Ag Centre, Abdai, and the rest of the team have gone above and beyond to welcome Allard, and make sure to offer her roles that are not only meaningful to her, but also to her coworkers. That includes an inclusive training program, and providing space for her to grow into her new role.

Abdai said it wasn’t a difficult process, since Megan fit in right from day one.

“It was actually really easy to get Megan in to be part of our team,” she said. “You take the time to train them and to show them like you would any other employee that you have. You just make sure that they understand what is expected and it just works. She’s great. Megan is a really great employee.”

Abdai said Megan excels in her role. Her favourite part of the day is helping at the till and getting to talk to the community of Spiritwood! Diversity and Inclusion is a priority for Lake Country Co-op.

Abdai said that employing Allard is a benefit to the business and a benefit to the community.

“She loves to stand at the front counter and help to check the customers through, bagging their groceries,” Abdai explained. “Megan is really well known in our community for the volunteer work that she does for different organizations. It’s really good to have her with us.”

Abdai added that they take pride in creating a welcoming environment that promotes inclusiveness and social responsibility.

They believe that providing an exceptional experience to their team members positively impacts each customer experience which in turn enhances the success and vibrancy of our communities.

“It was a real honour and a privilege to win this award,” Abdai said. “Lake Country Co-op is a great company to work for.”