SGI launches road safety campaign with Roughriders

Photo from the SGI X account. A safe ride video plans on the big screen at Mosaic Stadium. The videos are part of a new safe driving campaign created by SGI and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Emokhare Paul Anthony

SGI has joined forces with the Saskatchewan Roughriders to deliver a message about the importance of safe driving.

The partnership aims to reduce road accidents and enhance the safety of drivers across the province, with a focus on getting fans home safely from Saskatchewan Roughrider games.

The initiative, according to Minister Responsible for Crown Corporations Dustin Duncan, will includes a series of public service announcements, community events and educational program designed to promote safe driving habits.

“It’s no secret that Riders fans know how to have a good time, but when game is over its also

important that they don’t drink and drive and have safe sober ride back home,” Duncan said.

The campaign will run for one full season and possibly in the future. It will emphasize several key messages like don’t drive impaired, buckle up, which reminds drivers to always wear seat belt, stay focused, which addresses the risk of distracted driving through the use of mobile phones, and obey speed limits at every posted speed limits signs.

“We have an extremely exciting season of Roughrider football ahead of us and want Rider nation to be there for every minute of it,” Roughriders President and CEO Craig Reynolds said. “That’s why we are happy to partner with SGI, to help continue to encourage the club fans to plan safe ride home from Mosaic Stadium.”

Reynolds said in addition to media outreach, the Riders will incorporate the safe driving messages into their game day experience. Safety Reminders will be displayed on the big screen in the stadium, and messages will be played during breaks in the game. There will also be interactive booths provided for fans to pledge to have a safe drive home, and SGI Safe Ride Ambassadors at the pregame party near the stadium.

“The partnership allows us to connect with our community in a meaningful way,” Reynolds said.

SGI reports that in 2023, there were 5,000 collisions in Saskatchewan involving distracted

driving, leading to numerous injuries and fatalities. They aim to bring those numbers down through collaboration with the Roughriders by fostering a Culture of Safety among Motorists.

As the Campaign kicks off, both SGI and the Roughriders are very optimistic about the

potential impact. They also believe that by leveraging the team’s influence and the

insurance company’s resources, they can make Saskatchewan’s road Safer for everyone.

As part of the campaign, one season ticket holder who travels to Regina from out of town will receive a prize pack and be recognized on screen for their smart choice and behavior.