Searching for truth

Police officer Pudney, played by Chantelle Hovdebo, interrogates Lenny, played by Kordell Brons, to get to the bottom of a confusing case in the Neil Simon play Rumors. (Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald)

Odyssey Productions finds humour in confusion in Neil Simon’s Rumors

Actor Trent Gillespie was first introduced to the play Rumors, a 1988 farce by American playwright Neil Simon, when he was in college. Now he’s getting the chance to revisit the play with Odyssey Productions.

The play takes place at an upper-class 10th wedding anniversary party in which the host is found unconscious with a bullet hole in his ear and the hostess is nowhere to be found. As the guests arrive they disagree over how to respond to the crisis. Gillespie’s character is one of the first to discover the wounded host.

“It’s been a long time so it was nice to come back and revisit it. I forgot a lot of it. I just remembered the basic idea about how the lies get misconstrued and how people say one thing and they hear something else,” Gillespie said.

“It’s very much like a more advanced version of Three’s Company, where everyone hears something different and then we try to tell the truth and it leads to hilarious circumstances.”

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Got to go:

What? Odyssey Productions production of Rumors by Neil Simon

Where? Plaza 88

When? Thursday, March 9 to Saturday March 11. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., dinner is served at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.

Admission? $55. Must be purchased two days before the show. Tickets available at Canadian Tire