The search for Happy Charles

Ariel Charles and Marcia Bird, two of Happy Charles's daughters, join her mother, Regina Poitras, in the search. Arthur White-Crummey/Daily Herald

It’s been four weeks since Happy Mary Charles was last seen in Prince Albert – and her family is desperately searching for her.

“I feel really worried,” said her daughter, 19-year-old Marcia Bird. “I hope that she can be found alive.”

They’ve checked the back alleys and the riverbanks. They’ve plastered posters on telephone poles and questioned people all over the city. The police are conducting their own investigation. According to Charles’s stepfather, Carson Poitras, police took a DNA sample from his wife and sent a canine unit under the viaduct by the train tracks.

“We are pretty much running out of ideas in the city,” he said.

The search has been thorough. This weekend, family, friends and volunteers marched over the same ground a second time – a field south of the hospital. The melted snow might reveal a clue that went unnoticed.

A half dozen cars roll up, full of searchers. They separate into groups. Eyes scan the ground, sticks poke at earthen mounds, piles of junk or discarded mattresses. It’s hard going, but they persist.

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