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Search for Sanderson continues

Search for Sanderson continues
Myles Sanderson -- photo submitted by the RCMP.

Regina Chief of Police Evan Bray says they no longer believe Myles Sanderson is in the provincial capital.

Bray’s comments came after RCMP officers scoured James Smith Cree Nation on Tuesday following a report that he was seen in the community.

The RCMP search turned up no signs of the man wanted on multiple charges following Sunday’s mass stabbing, but police say new information shows he likely isn’t in Regina.

“Early on Sunday we had information that proved to be reliable that Myles Sanderson was in our community, and as a result, the Regina Police Service was assisting the RCMP in trying to locate him,” Bray said during a short video address Tuesday evening. “Today we’ve received information that is leading us to believe he may no longer be in this community. As a result, investigations continue and although we don’t know his whereabouts, we are still looking not only in the City of Regina, but expanded into the province as well.”

Bray urged residents to remain patient as the manhunt enters its fourth day. He said investigative work involves specialized units, plain-clothed investigators, and analysts whose efforts aren’t readily apparent to the public eye.

Although they might not see a surge in uniformed officers on the streets, Bray said police consider the investigation to be a priority, and he thanked residents who had come forward with important tips.

“We appreciate that this has been a very stressful time for our province,” Bray said.

“We want to thank you for the real information that you’ve been focused on. Thank you for communicating your concerns to police.”

RCMP began searching James Smith Cree Nation at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday following reports he had been seen in the community. Residents were asked to immediately seek shelter or shelter in place, and avoid disclosing police locations.

Investigators later issued a statement Tuesday afternoon confirming Sanderson was not in the community, and that his whereabouts remain unknown.

Police also sent out a new updated photo of Sanderson, but warned residents that he may not be wearing glasses.

The RCMP and the premier received questions on Tuesday about why Sanderson was out in the community at all after several media outlets reported he had 59 criminal convictions ranging from drunk driving to assault and robbery.

Sanderson was granted statutory release with conditions a year ago, but had that release suspended last November after deceiving his parole supervisor.

That suspension was lifted in February with conditions, however he stopped reporting to his parole officer, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Moe said light suspensions and unserved warrants are a common concern he hears about in the province. However, he said the discussion surrounding that and other issues, like RCMP funding, could wait.

“It’s not a time for us to talk about where we’re going,” Moe told reporters during a stop in Big River First Nation. “We have a couple of very immediate things that need to happen here, one is supporting families and supporting victims, and two is ensuring that our law enforcement officials have all the tools they need.”

Moe said the province’s top priority is to provide aid and support to the surviving victims, their families, and the communities of James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon.

He said the province has partnered with the Prince Albert Grand Council to provide mental health support through the victims services unit.

Moe added that he’s talked to a number of families who were impacted directly by the stabbings. He said it’s difficult to find the words to describe how senseless the violence was, and how much pain the murders have called.

SUBJECT: GoFundMe hits its goal

A donation campaign set up by former MP Rob Clarke will close after reaching its $100,000 goal.

James Smith Cree Nation leaders issued a press release expressing gratitude for the support. However, they also asked residents to spread the word about fake fundraising campaigns on the go.

“Any other fundraising campaigns have not been endorsed by James Smith Cree Nation, nor JSCN-EOC (Emergeny Operations Centre),” reads the press release. “Into the near future, JSCN-EOC will be releasing details on a new trust fund, and we will be seeking your help to announce it once it’s been established.”

With the GoFundMe now closed, James Smith leadership said Clarke has concluded his involvement with the First Nation.