SCC Trustee Report used to engage school communities in Catholic Division

Daily Herald File Photo

At their regular meeting on Monday, the Catholic Board of Education received a copy of their first report of the year to be passed to School Community Council (SCCs).

Director of education Lorel Trumier said that for each month of the year they generate a report to be passed on to SCCs about various successes in the division.

She said each trustee adopts a school in the division, and attends the meetings as often as they can.

“They need some details (the board) can help provide them,” Trumier said. “For example timelines and that kind of thing because SCCs want to know when is our new playground coming and what does that look like.”

She explained that the report helps to communicate to each of the seven trustees key aspects that should be shared with SCCs. It also highlights board activities.

“Our board is a very active board, they are doing lots of work to support student learning and engagement and what we get to do is highlight some of those aspects.” she explained

The report for September highlighted items such as the successful start of the school year and principals reports on that start.

The report also highlighted the special projects that are under way in each school in the division.

Trumier gave an example of something like board chair Suzanne Stubbs meeting with the Ministry of Education as a possible example.

“That’s the key to the SCC reports and it works successfully,” she said. “Then every SCC in our community and in our school division has the opportunity to have that information at the same time.”

If a board member is unable to be present, then the report is provided to the principal to share with the SCCs for that month or that meeting. It seems to work our SCC sure appreciate the information coming from our board of education and it helps us remain connected with them,” she explained.