Saskatchewan reports 112 new COVID-19 cases, doctors pen letter to government urging for action

Nine doctors from Prince Albert signed the letter

(File photo/Jayda Taylor)

The province is reporting 112 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

There is one new case in the north central zone with a total of 199 active cases. 

There are now 60 active cases in Prince Albert. 

Elsewhere in the province there are seven new cases in far north west zone, eight new cases in the far north east zone, one new case in the north central zone, 29 new cases in Saskatoon, three new cases in the central east, 37 new cases in Regina, 11 new cases in the south central zone, and 13 new cases in the south east zone. 

There are 48 people in the hospital. 37 people are receiving inpatient care, including six people in the north central zone. 11 people are in intensive care, including two people in the north central zone. 

Doctors write letter to provincial government 

Last night, a public letter originally signed by 260 physicians in Saskatchewan was posted on social media. The letter is addressed to Premier Scott Moe, Minister of Health Paul Merriman, and Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab.

“It is becoming increasingly clear to us, physicians from across Saskatchewan, that we are losing the battle against this virus.”

The letter continues that physicians are “confident” that winter will bring “overflowing hospitals, canceled surgeries, overwhelmed healthcare providers, and needless deaths” if changes aren’t made to COVID-19 restrictions in the province. 

“We humbly ask you to act with sufficient force to reverse the rising daily case counts while also detailing how and when we would escalate our interventions even further,” the letter read. 

Since being published, the letter has an additional 50 signatures from other doctors, with a total of 310 signatures. 

About nine physicians from Prince Albert have signed the letter. 

The letter and a list of signatures can be found at