Saskatchewan Polytechnic becomes Microsoft Global Training Partner

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has received Microsoft Global Training Partner status, the school announced on Thursday.

Dr. Larry Rosia, Sask. Polytech’s president and CEO, said the move will help ensure Sask Polytechnic graduates and instructors receive the most up to date training in a variety of fields.

“Saskatchewan Polytechnic is honoured and thrilled that our relationship with Microsoft continues to expand and grow,” Rosia said in a press release.

“As a Microsoft Global Training Partner, Sask. Polytech faculty, have developed the expertise to incorporate Microsoft technology virtually and in-person to enhance the student learning experience and ensure our students are empowered with future-relevant skills. Our faculty will also have the privilege to share their knowledge and experience with educators around the world.”

Rosia said that innovation and technology are key factors that making sure graduates students have future-relevant skills. Their role as a Microsoft Global Training Partner will enable Saskatchewan faculty and instructors to connect with institutions around the world for training, resources and technology.

Rosia said it was difficult to say just how much of an affect their new status would have, but he expects it to be significant.

Sask. Polytech faculty are well-established specialists in adult learning and training other educators. It is the exclusive in-house expertise and mentorship, when equipped with Microsoft tools and technologies, that positions Sask. Polytech to be able to assist other post-secondary institutions across Canada and abroad, to build capacity and grow their own proficiencies in Microsoft technologies.

“Canada’s innovation economy continues to accelerate at an unparalleled rate, and the need for skilled talent has never been more important,” Marc Seaman, vice president of Education, Microsoft Canada, said. “Saskatchewan Polytechnic becoming a Microsoft Global Training Partner is an example of how industry and post-secondary institutions can work together to provide students and educators with the necessary skills and experiences to fully take part in Canada’s digital future.”

They added that Sask. Polytech worked closely with Microsoft throughout 2020 and 2021 to empower learners across Canada with digital skills that are foundational to a strong post-pandemic economic recovery and future economic growth.

Sask. Polytech previously won the 2021 Microsoft Global Training Partner of the Year Award for Skilling in the Americas. As one of the only Microsoft Global Training Partner for higher education in Canada, Sask. Polytech is uniquely positioned to accelerate digital skilling and transformation among post-secondary peers and Canadian industry leaders.

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