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Home News Saskatchewan delegation to visit Germany, meet with Ukrainians displaced by war

Saskatchewan delegation to visit Germany, meet with Ukrainians displaced by war

Saskatchewan delegation to visit Germany, meet with Ukrainians displaced by war
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A Saskatchewan delegation is headed to Germany to support displaced Ukrainians. 

Following a visit to a Ukrainian refugee center in Germany last week, Premier Scott More has requested the Legislative Secretary Responsible for Saskatchewan Ukraine Relations, Terry Dennis, to lead a small group of representatives to Germany.

The delegation, working with the Embassy of Canada in Berlin, will meet with displaced Ukrainians and refugee-serving organizations to determine additional support that the province of Saskatchewan can provide to those fleeing from the Russian war in Ukraine.

“During the vicious attacks by Russia in Ukraine, we’ve been working hard to listen and learn from the brutal experience of those having to flee Ukraine,” Dennis said. “Our small delegation will travel to Germany at the end of the week so we can most effectively identify the additional supports Saskatchewan can provide as Ukraine continues its heroic fight for its sovereignty.”  

Last week, Premier Scott Moe was joined by Stephane Dion, the Canadian ambassador to Germany, at the refugee centre in Kassel. The team there will support Saskatchewan’s incoming delegation.

The group will meet with refugees, the local government officials and other non-governmental organizations supporting displaced Ukrainians in Germany next week.

The Legislative Secretary will be joined by Iryna Matsiuk, member of the Saskatchewan Ukraine Relations Advisory Committee (SURAC) and Co-Chair of the Ukrainian Canada Congress – Saskatchewan Ukraine Support Committee. Matsiuk emigrated to Canada from Ukraine in 2011. 

“Throughout the war I’ve been working closely with friends and family in Ukraine around the clock to try and help provide the necessary supports to ensure displaced Ukrainians have the resources they need during this horrific time,” Matsiuk said. “Being on the ground to meet with Ukrainians will ensure we understand their needs and can continue to help in every way possible.” 

Premier Scott Moe has been in contact with the Government of Canada to make available resources, including immigration officers from the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), to help process applications through the newly launched Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel program, and accelerated temporary residence pathway for Ukrainians seeking safe haven in Canada.

The Premier has also made the Saskatchewan public service available to assist the Government of Canada  that can benefit and expedite the immigration pathways for Ukrainians who choose to seek residence in Canada, whether on a temporary basis or permanently.

The delegation will be in Berlin from April 10th to April 13th.