Sask Rivers board to receive update on Facilities Review

The Sask Rivers Education Centre/ Daily Herald File Photo

The Saskatchewan Rivers school board expects to receive an update on the state of all school division buildings by their next regular meeting on June 20.

The division has contracted Prince Albert architectural firm AODBT to provide an intensive review of all facilities. Education Director Robert Bratvold said they separated the review into three phases, buildings in the north (phase one), Carlton Comprehensive High School (phase two), and buildings in the south (phase three). The upcoming review will include all of phase one and parts of phase two.

“(We are) looking forward to lots of good information around the state of schools,” Bratvold said. “I know they are in good repair, but what are some of the future needs that we can look at and what are some possibilities for renovations, adjustments or changes to better serve our kids?”

AODBT representatives come to each school and look at various aspects of the building. The external review will include structural and maintenance analysis, as well as site visits and discussions with school teams about programming needs and the use of space.

Bratvold said AODBT have a high level of understanding that can help the division keep its buildings in good condition.

“They have dedicated time and expertise to this,” he said. “They will have information that we just wouldn’t have the time to dedicate internally to gather and do. It’s not just (about) condition and upgrades that are needed, it’s also looking at programming in schools, so that’s an important piece.

“They are well known across the province and the country in terms of architectural and design firms. They have got lots of really good expertise and good people too, so we’re looking forward to the information that they can provide for the board.”

The analysis will provide a package of information on every school. Bratvold said the details will aid facilities superintendent Mike Hurd in planning their Preventative Maintenance Renewal (PMR) budget, as well as their regular maintenance budget.

It will also allow the board to look into the future 20 years and know what to expect in terms of demands on budgets and facilities decisions.

SUBHEADLINE: Joint meeting with education minister and PA Catholic School Division on the calendar

Sask. Rivers and the Prince Albert Catholic School Division have submitted a request for a joint meeting with Education Minister Dustin Duncan. The two boards invited the Minister following a meeting earlier this year.

Bratvold said they’re still waiting for the Minister’s response. Ideally, they’d like to have the meeting either later this month or in September.

“It’s a nice thing to be able to have two of the school divisions locally here working together because we have got lots of common interests and common needs,” Bratvold said. “We’re hoping to share those with the minister and give him some insight.”

The meeting will be important for addressing common issues facing both divisions.

“Each of our divisions has certainly our own distinct needs and directions and things like that but we certainly have some common interests,” he said. “Those key ones we can share with the minister.”

Staff recognition night returns after lengthy hiatus

The Sask. Rivers Staff Recognition Event is back on the calendar after being cancelled during COVID-19.

Staff will meet on June 13 for the annual event. Bratvold said they’re glad to have it back on the schedule.

“That’s always a well anticipated event,” he said. “It will be very nice to gather with those staff who are retiring to say farewell and thanks for the long career with us, and also those long service milestones of 25, 30, 35 and 40 years. It will be a nice event.”

During Monday’s meeting, the board consistently expresses their appreciation for the admirable work of all the division staff. They said this event is an opportunity to honour those staff who have reached long service milestones.

The Board will celebrate staff with 20, 25, 30 years of service to the SRPSD students and families and will congratulate all of the retiring staff for their successful careers.

During his director’s update, Bratvold said the division appreciated being part of the Heart of the Youth Community Powwow on May 27.

“The Community Powwow, we are part of that group as well,” he said. “Lots of our staff are leaders on that committee and do great work with PA Outreach and other community partners. It was just an outstanding event.”