Sask Polytech launches new five year Strategic Plan

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is getting ready for the future.

In a Zoom conference on Wednesday, they launched their new Strategic Plan entitled Leading the Rise: Bringing Polytechnic Education to New Heights.

This is the second strategic plan for President and CEO Larry Rosia. He said it’s the result of lengthy consultations with a broad and diverse group of stakeholders.

“That allowed us to get different perspectives and a wide range of perspectives that we were able to think through as we formulated the strategic plan,” Rosia said.

Students, alumni, industry partners, post-secondary institutions, Government Ministries and employees all offered input. They had a second round of input late in the process on the mission and vision aspects of the plan, which Rosia also highlighted.

“That innovative thinking and entrepreneurial thinking came through loud and clear, which was something that we value very much and it’s something that we will pursue moving forward,” he said. “The plan is all about setting the direction to help us build a better world.

“I believe that our vision to lead the rise of polytechnic education is the way to achieve this. We know that by empowering learners to realize their aspirations where ever they are in their learning journey, we are empowering a better Saskatchewan and hence a better world. This cannot happen on its own, but we can accomplish this together.”

In a release Rosia explained that the new strategic plan is built to ensure learners receive the education and hands-on learning opportunities they require to succeed in their careers,  communities and lives.

“We know that by empowering learners to realize their career goals throughout their learning journey, a journey that will last a lifetime, we can create a better Saskatchewan and a better world,” he said in the release.

Sask. Polytechnic finalized the plan during the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Rosia said it’s written at a level that will allow them to be flexible and responsive to the changing economy.

“I believe polytechnics and polytechnic in Saskatchewan has a pivotal role to play,” he explained. “The objectives that we have written into the strategic plan serve our two key customers. The close relationship and partnerships that we have built in industry to help us identify those skills that are needed in the future are all part of the strategic plan.”

They are planning a new Saskatoon campus and are hoping to move forward in the near future.

During the Zoom presentation there were greetings and congratulations from Lieutenant Governor Russell Mirasty, Tina Beaudry-Mellor Minister of Advanced Education and others. Successful Graduates offered congratulations and explained their experience at SaskPolytech and it’s predecessor SIAST.

Relaunched as SaskPolytech in September, 2014. Previous Strategic Plans included SIAST 2.0 in 2009 and Tomorrow in the Making in 2014 after they relaunched as a Polytechnic. The institution feels that they accomplished the goals set out in the 2014 plan.

They have added the ability to grant specific degrees and enshrined themselves with the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Act since the last Strategic Plan. They are the only Polytechnic to have their own legislation in Canada. The new plan was meant to build on the previous plan of 2014.

The foundation of the  strategic plan is based on the Cree phrase, miyo wahkohtowin, which expresses the value and positivity of interconnectedness and good relationships. This principle will guide every interaction, institutional practice, procedure, policy and service Sask Polytech provides to learners, faculty, staff, alumni and our communities.

The strategic map of the plan is broken up into categories including learners and employers, enterprise stewardship and organizational readiness. The final goal is to advance student and employer success.

The strategic plan includes a new aspirational mission and vision statement for the institution.

 “Now is Sask Polytech’s opportunity, and challenge, to turn this vision and plan for the future into an exciting new reality,” Rosia said in the release.

Sask Polytech will be working to bring the strategy to life over the next few months. They will email the link to the Strategy page to students for more information.

“As we look forward to the next five years, applied education has never been more critical to our collective success, at home and around the world,” Rosia added.

It has been five years since Saskatchewan Polytechnic has released its last strategic plan. To learn more about visit

Saskatchewan Polytechnic serves students s at campuses in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Regina and Saskatoon, and through  distance education opportunities.