RM of Shellbrook passes 2020 budget

Reeve Doug Oleksyn/Herald File Photo

The RM of Shellbrook has passed their budget for 2020. According to Reeve Doug Oleksyn the budget remains status quo with mill rates across the municipality remaining steady for the next year.

“We are glad to just try to hold it,” Oleksyn said.

The budget was passed at the RM’s regular meeting on Wednesday, June 3.

Unlike some other municipalities in the area, they did not make any changes to their tax discount structure.

“Payment discounts remain then same starting in July and decreasing as you go towards December with payment of taxes,” Oleksyn said.

The RM also passed the regular exemptions that were passed for the year regarding taxation.

On May 19 Government Relations Minister Lori Carr announced specific funding allocations for all communities within the province under the new Municipal Economic Enhancement Program 2020 (MEEP) and the RM is creating a plan for MEEP and expect to pass it at July’s meeting. Have the proposal prepared and have it done sometime in July.

“We are going over areas that would meet the criteria of funding and by the July meeting we will pass the list and then it will be forwarded so that we will be able to access this funding. Some of the categories would have been equipment, stuff like municipal planning like asset management, there is roads and bridges that also qualify, in some of the hamlets there could be funding gains, lagoons ongoing,” he explained.

MEEP 2020 will provide $150 million, or approximately $143 per capita, to local municipalities to support investments in infrastructure, to stimulate economic recovery and encourage local job creation.

All funding related to the program must be used by the local municipality by March 31, 2022.