RM of Prince Albert cancels April meeting will go ahead with May

The RM of Prince Albert held their regular meeting on Thursday, March 19 despite the recent closure of their office due to novel coronavirus.

The business of running a Rural Municipality never stops with budget time approaching. The RM of Prince Albert did not have pressing issues for April 9 and cancelled, but their meeting scheduled for May 14 will go ahead. Reeve Eric Schmaltz explained that the meeting will go ahead by Zoom or telephone or it may be in person but it is still to be determined.

“We are still making decisions and we are weighing the options I have another couple of days to make a decision and we will pull the trigger on how we are going to handle this from the meeting perspective,” Schmaltz said.

With nothing pressing on the agenda for April, the RM council was comfortable cancelling the meeting. However budget season is beginning.

“We have got a few things that we need to discuss, we are working on our budget so that needs to be done and a few other things that need to be brought into a meeting just as far as operational stuff,” Schmaltz said.

“We are going to have a meeting we just don’t know the format yet,” he explained.

The matter of getting a budget forward is the most pressing matter.

“We need to pass a budget and we need to keep the wheels turning and the lights on so that’s kind of where we are at,” he said.

With the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan launching next week the RM is taking a careful approach.

“We are just playing it cautiously, we are cautiously optimistic that things are going to open back up here slowly as the province has outlined. Hopefully we have no setbacks in that regard,” Schmaltz said.