RM of Prince Albert and City looking into upgrading 48th Street

Daily Herald File Photo

The RM of Prince Albert and City of Prince Albert are in discussions about partnering to work on upgrading 48th Street.

There are two trailer courts located on the road with many residents who travel to the City for work.

 “What we wanted to do was partner with the city to make sure that we could provide for good, useable roads for nearly 500 residents of the RM as well as commercial companies in the surrounding area in our commercial development. So for the city and to relieve some of the stress on both Marquis Road and the Elevator Road to the south,” Reeve Eric Schmalz said.

“We are both founding members of the PAREDA (Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Alliance) and we want to develop this region more thoroughly. Good road access will only bolster both commercial and residential development in the area that the city and the RM share,” he explained.

A letter from Schmalz was sent to budget deliberations by the city during council’s Executive Committee meeting on Monday, Dec. 7. Administration had recommended that the correspondence be referred to the Public Works Department.

“We are happy to see that happen, we are hopeful that the city will see the value in this and the offer is, in our minds, generous and it would only be to the benefit of the city as well as the RM,” Schmalz said.

He explained that the conversations about the project to partner on 48th Street have been ongoing for the past year and a half. The idea is to improve the road to allow it to accommodate the high traffic volume it is currently experiencing. Glenmor Equipment is located in the area under discussion.

 “The city had no imperative or impetus to do this of their own volition. We needed it for our ratepayers there are 500 residents residing in those two trailer courts and they have to travel through a very busy highway to get into the city if they want to use good, solid maintained roads, they have to take Highway 2 into the City of Prince Albert,”

He explained that other roads, such as Marquis and Elevator Road, already receive heavy traffic. The project would be a benefit for farmers doing business with commercial ratepayers in the RM.

Schmalz hopes to see the partnership between the two entities continue to flourish.

 “There’s a lot of good work that happens between the city and the RM and this will just further that,” Schmalz said.