Riders against bullying

Current and former Saskatchewan Roughriders (from left) Scott McHenry, Luc Mullinder and Spencer Moore.

When Scott McHenry was in school, he was a bully. Not the slam you against a locker and steal your lunch money kind. But he was big and good at sports – so he kept the kids he didn’t like off the playing field.

Then, one day, his whole class stood up to him.

“You’re a bully,” they told him.

McHenry was shocked, and he changed his ways. Years later, he became a slotback with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. And now he’s using his notoriety to bring exactly that same message to kids: don’t stand aside when you see bullying. Stand up and stop it.

McHenry, along with Roughrider alumnus Luc Mullinder and current fullback Spencer Moore, work with the Red Cross’s anti-bullying campaign. They were in Prince Albert Tuesday for a fundraising drive that brought community leaders to the Prince Albert Inn.

Mayor Greg Dionne was there. Before the Riders spoke, he signed a proclamation to declare February 22nd Pink Day. It’s a day for putting on a pink shirt – the kind that might get you bullied – and starting a conversation about how to build a world where we treat each other with respect.

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