Renegade Grappling Academy finds success at Jiu Jitsu Championship in Regina

Dominic Parent, Isaiah Parent, and Cashton Crawford found individual success last weekend in Regina. Submitted photo/Bradley Parent

Three young fighters from the Renegade Grappling Academy in Prince Albert competed in the Western Kids Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship in Regina over the weekend.

Cashton Crawford, Dominic Parent, and Isaiah Parent were a part of the record breaking tournament, which saw 204 kids aged 15 and under compete.

Bradley’s youngest son, Dominic, placed fifth in the boys  Gi 11/12-year-old yellow belt featherweight division, and also placed fourth in the boys No-Gi 11/12-year-old yellow belt featherweight class.

His oldest son, Isaiah, placed double bronze in the boys Gi and No-Gi 13/14-year-old yellow-orange belt lightweight class.

Crawford placed double fourth in his boys 9/10-year-old Gi and No-Gi white belt, light featherweight division.

“They did really well,” purple belt instructor Bradley Parent said.

Parent gave a large amount of credit to the work ethic of ten-year-old Crawford, who didn’t join the jiu jitsu club until around Christmas time. In just the four months that it’s been since he started training, Parent has been impressed by Crawford’s work ethic, and flat out talent.

“He just has that natural killer instinct,” Parent said. “You can tell when a child is laid back and doesn’t put the effort into what they’re doing, and you can also see when they have an interest, and he has the interest.

“There might’ve been another kid his age that has been at it for longer than he has,” Parent said. “But if he would’ve had just a little more technique, he would’ve had a great chance. He’s picking it up really well, and he is very coachable.”

Both of Bradley’s sons, Isaiah and Dominic, have been training pretty much since they were toddlers. He says the results of their training showed this weekend. Parent saw a lot of things he liked, but as a father and a coach, there are always things that can be improved on.

“My boys have been training for seven years,” Parent said. “With the two year break (Isaiah) did well. He held his own. (Dominic) fluctuates up and down. He just has to re-establish the basics and then he’ll be doing well at our next championship.”

Next up for the Renegade Grappling Academy is the Copa Sask Championship in Regina on June 9.