Rebecca Strong performs at City Hall as part of Indigenous People’s Day

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald Rebecca Strong performs on the front steps of City Hall to kick off Indigenous People’s Day in Prince Albert.

A large crowd filled Memorial Square in front of City Hall in Prince Albert on Friday morning to hear Canada’s Got Talent winner Rebecca Strong kick off the Indigenous Peoples Day Festivities.

Strong, who took home $1 million as part of her win last month, says she is taking things one day at a time.

“I’ve just been planning for the future, doing some gigs here and there. June’s a busy month, especially for Indigenous People’s Day, but other than that I’m just focusing on my music and seeing how I can better my career.”

With a large crowd in attendance, Strong says she was grateful for the support, not only on Friday but during Canada’s Got Talent as well.

“A lot of good has come out of Prince Albert since I won. I feel like everyone’s come together, especially to vote. That was amazing to see and I’m just grateful that everyone wants to come and watch me.”

While she was performing, Strong encouraged members of the audience to donate to the Prince Albert Grand Council’s Tiny Home Project for the Homeless.

Strong says the reason she chose to support the project was because of the large Indigenous homeless population.

“Indigenous Peoples Day is a very big day and I could have done some gig for some money, but I would rather not take advantage of the day and give back to my community. A lot of the homeless are Indigenous people, so I want to not have that and give them homes and a warm place to stay.”

Festivities continued with a march to Kinsmen Park from City Hall with a full day of events planned, concluding with fireworks on the river bank in the evening.

Strong says she was thankful to get the opportunity to perform.

“Prince Albert is probably one of the reasons that I won. I’m sure that a lot of people here voted for me and I’ve lived here my entire life and I’m just grateful for the opportunities that they gave me for singing like (at) the Winter Festival. PA is filled with talent so I definitely grew up (with) music in PA and they have supported me my entire journey.”

Strong also indicated that she hopes to tour Northern communities and to record music in the future.