Public employees’ salaries increase

Bianca Bharti, Daily Herald

The highest paid public employee is former police chief Troy Cooper, according to the 2017 public accounts released by city council at Monday’s meeting.

Cooper was paid $255,071.32 last year, an $85,876.81 increase from his 2016 salary, which was $169,194.51.

The public employee with the second highest pay is city manager Jim Toye, who received $216,161.24 in 2017.

Jeffrey Rowden made $156,569.80 last year as deputy chief. Right now he is acting chief police since Cooper left his position.

The public accounts show the salaries of every public employee that receives a salary over $50,000.

While most salaries went up, the fire department’s salaries decreased. Dennis Nowoselsky speculates that due to the oil spill in 2016, the department’s salaries increased due to overtime.

Five of the top highest paid city employees no longer work for the City of Prince Albert. In addition to Cooper and Rowden, Jason Everitt, Amjad Khan and Steven Brown are no longer city employees. Mayor Greg Dionne was not available for comment.

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