Provincial government boosts funding for Veteran Service Club Support Program

The funding boost was a campaign promise by Premier Scott Moe

Prince Albert Legion Branch (Kelly Skjerven/Daily Herald)

The Veteran Service Club Support Program will have their funding increased after a campaign promise by Premier Scott Moe, according to a press release sent on Tuesday. 

The program was implemented two years ago and provides grants for repairs and upgrades for active veteran clubs in the province. 

The total amount available in the program will increase from $100,000 to $1.5 million in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. 

Premier Scott Moe said that the program has been well received for the past two years. 

“A significant boost in funding to this program is just one small way that our government can demonstrate our gratitude for the sacrifices that veterans throughout Saskatchewan have made for the freedoms we enjoy today,” Moe said in the press release.

Rick Hodgson, president of Prince Albert Legion Branch No. 2, said that they’ve applied for grants through the program previously and were denied. He’s glad to hear that there will be more money available in the future. 

Hodgson said the legion needs to fix a furnace and air conditioning unit.

“Stuff like that really adds up and when you’re running the legion and the funding is really small it’s hard to get stuff done that costs you money,” said Hodgson. 

Hodgson is hoping with increased funding in the program the legion will be able to access grants through it.  

Chad Wagner, provincial executive director with Royal Canadian Legion Saskatchewan Command said with limited funds in the past the program wasn’t able to accept all applicants. 

“With the increased funding to $1.5 million we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to expand to more branches,” Wagner said. 

Last year 25 registered, non-profit military service clubs, Legion branches and ANAVETS units received grants in the province. The average grant given was $3,889 according to the provincial government.