Prison beating case goes to trial

Saskatchewan Penitentiary, the site of the beating in 2013. Herald File Photo

A prisoner will face trial for attempted murder, after he rejected an eight-year plea deal for the vicious beating of a fellow inmate.

Colton Peter Joe was on the basketball court at Saskatchewan Penitentiary when a fight broke out, on Dec. 9, 2013. The incident was captured on a video.

The footage shows another prisoner, Dustin Bulldog, suddenly kick a crouching man in the head. The man was William Morin, another prisoner at the penitentiary.

Seconds later, the video reveals, a man who appears to be Joe jumped into the fray and repeatedly stomped on Morin’s head. He also allegedly used a shank, a prison-made piercing object, during the assault.

Bulldog pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, and got a sentence of 21 months. Joe, however, is facing an attempted murder charge.

Joe’s lawyer, Adam Masiowski, said he discussed a plea deal with his client. The Crown was offering eight years. Masiowski said he thought it was a “good deal,” but Joe blew him off.

“My client has had a massive change of heart,” Masiowski said. “He wants to go to trial.”

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