Prince Albert band Rymestone releasing eerie, grungy style debut album

Rymestone lead singer and guitarist Emma Anderson takes the main stage at Chester Fest in July 2019. The band is releasing their debut album, Neighbourhood, on Oct. 31. (Jayda Noyes/Daily Herald)

A fast-growing post-punk rock band is releasing their first album called Neighbourhood next week.

Rymestone will be playing their 10-track debut at a Halloween release party on Oct. 31, as well as playing songs from their next album live for the first time.

The event at the Union Centre is in partnership with Chester Fest. Rymestone was one of about 25 acts that played at the inaugural music festival in July.

Lead singer and guitarist Emma Anderson brought several songs to the group when they formed the band early last year.

“The topics that are kind of focused on have to do with relationships, friendships, frustration, aspiration,” explained Anderson.

“The album itself, it contains a little bit of discontent. It’s definitely an album about being a bit frustrated where you are.”

She said she writes the songs based on her stream of consciousness, and then organizes them to form a story.

A lot of the imagery in her songs are inspired by nature. She said she also likes to experiment with paradoxes, such as love and lust and health and sickness.

Anderson described her sound as not necessarily “pretty singing.”

“While we use traditional rock and roll style instruments…we kind of push towards more of a post-punk or kind of a grungy type feel because of the way that I vocalize.”

Although Anderson is the main songwriter, she said the other musicians always contribute their ideas.

Rymestone began with three members: Anderson, drummer Ian Dickson and bass player Jordy Balicki. Recently, they added guitarist Stephen Williams.

Anderson said the album was completed before Williams joined, although he will be playing the songs at their release party.

Not only is this Rymestone’s first album, it’s also the first completed project for Reservoir Recording—which was created by Balicki.

“(When) I met Emma, she had a great repertoire of great songs. So after I was asked to play with Rymestone, I kind of decided that that would be like a pilot project I guess, get your hands wet kind of a thing,” said Balicki.

“I didn’t have my studio at the time so we were having to set up at different houses and different locations every single time we’d record.”

He said the group is focusing on recording this year, and is planning on playing live shows and travelling more in 2020.

Anderson said they’d like to start with Alberta and Manitoba, and then tour further in the coming years.

“We do want to be a professional group,” she emphasized.

Rymestone is hoping to have their website up and running for their album’s release date.

Tickets to their Halloween release party at the Union Centre are available at for $20 each. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and Rymestone and The Great Fuss start playing at 9.