Premier directly addresses vaccine and restrictions critics in press conference

Herald File Photo.

Premier Scott Moe was emphatic on vaccinations at the provincial COVID-19 press conference on Tuesday. Moe addressed people who make a conscious choice to not receive any vaccine and encourage others to not receive the vaccine and took to task those who use a mantra of personal freedoms to fight vaccinations and restrictions.

“You should know and you should be fully aware of the risks that are associated with your decision. Even though we are reopening in Saskatchewan COVID is not disappearing, COVID will not be gone and those who have chosen to not get vaccinated you will continue to be at risk of not only contracting COVID but at risk of much more severe outcomes. I know that some of you are making this choice and are also encouraging others to maybe not get vaccinated,” Moe said.

He went on to say that they had a misguided notion of the definition of personal freedoms. Moe reemphasized how much he and other politicians dislike imposing restrictions and the path out remains vaccinations.

“ I look forward to the day that it all ends but that day can only come when enough of us choose to be vaccinated. So if you really want all of your freedoms back go get in line and get vaccinated, it’s really not that big of a deal we are not asking you to storm the beaches of Normandy all we are asking you to do is to go in and get a tiny needle in your arm,” he added.

The Premier went on to address the producers of vaccines and how they are saving the lives of people the vaccine producers have never met.

“ Here in our province of Saskatchewan thousands of healthcare workers are administering this vaccine and saving the lives of Saskatchewan people, again people that these guys have never met,” Moe added.

Saskatchewan residents were also noted for going and getting vaccinated to protect others.

“ So to all of those that choose to not get vaccinated or to those that may campaign for others to not get vaccinated I want you to know that every one of those people value their freedoms and they want those restrictions gone just as much as you do. But here’s the difference they are actually doing something about it they are going out and getting vaccinated and they are doing their part to protect one another and to make sure that we can safely remove these restrictions and restore all of the freedoms that we all truly value,” Moe said.

Moe went on to address the efficacy of vaccines with historical examples such as polio and smallpox and can greatly decrease fatalities from COVID-19 as long as percentages are high for uptake of vaccines.

“So if you truly want all of the restrictions removed and all of your personal freedoms restored then I would ask you to do your part and get vaccinated,” Moe said.

“The overwhelming majority of Saskatchewan people are making the right choice they are getting vaccinated so let’s keep it going.”

“Every Saskatchewan resident age 12 or older is now eligible so if you haven’t done so already please go and get your first shot and when it is your turn I would ask you then to go get your second shot. It is how we will protect ourselves and continue to protect those around us. It is how we will get everything reopened and back to normal in our communities and it is how we can all have a great Saskatchewan summer,” he concluded.