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Police Chief addresses Saturday’s homicides with statement

Police Chief addresses Saturday’s homicides with statement
Prince Albert Police Chief Jon Bergen -- Herald File Photo

Chief Jonathan Bergen extended his condolences to the victims and their families, and encouraged Prince Albert residents to reach out to police with information if they see something suspicious. He also gave a brief explanation of what investigators are currently working on in regards to Saturday’s incidents.

Prince Albert’s Chief of Police released a statement earlier Sunday afternoon addressing the two homicides experienced in the City in less then one day. 

“Every loss due to violence is a tragedy and one that cannot be justified or explained,” said Bergen.

He explained that officers from the Prince Albert Police Service have been redeployed to either assist with the files or help Patrol respond to calls for service in other areas of the city.

“The trauma and pain that results from violence weighs heavily on all members of our police service,” Bergen said. “I want to acknowledge the compassionate and diligent efforts of our front-line officers in responding to and investigating these incidents of violence.”

Bergen said that the police service will continue to support the work of their partner agencies, who connect vulnerable residents with programming and interventions; as well as remain a part of discussions around prevention, early intervention and awareness. 

“Our police Administration team continues to work to address violent crime in our community and has several sections dedicated to proactive policing, targeted enforcement, crime suppression, and community engagement.”

“We will continue to focus on addressing violence and the effects it has on public safety in our community. We know that our community is struggling with an increase in weapons violence, addictions, poverty, mental health concerns, and calls related to interpersonal violence.”

Bergen called the city’s residents the “eyes and ears” of the community, and encouraged anyone who witnesses something suspicious to contact the police.

“We also benefit from information and participation from our community to address crime. We know there are a number of neighbourhood watch groups and community online forums for residents to discuss what they’re seeing in their neighbourhoods,” he said.

“Our police service continues to work to proactively address concerts and promote public safety for all residents in our community. As residents, community leaders, business owners, and advocates, your participation is integral to our work in policing Prince Albert.”

The full statement can be read on the Prince Albert Police Service Facebook page.