Parkland dispatcher assists in birth of healthy baby girl

Parkland Ambulance Emergency Medical Dispatcher Sarah Barczai says a call when she assisted in the birth of a baby is one she won't forget. (Bailey Sutherland/Daily Herald)

Bailey Sutherland, Daily Herald

A new baby girl was welcomed into the world on Thursday night with the help of a Parkland Ambulance emergency medical dispatcher.

Sarah Barczai received a call from an anxious father whose wife was in labour with their seventh child.

The parents and their children were driving to the hospital when the new baby decided to make her arrival faster than expected.

Barczai said the baby girl was born five minutes after the father called her for help.

“I could hear her straining and dad was like ‘I have to pull over!’ So I said ‘Absolutely!’”

Nipawin EMS eventually arrived to assist the family, who were just east of Choiceland.

According to Barczai, babies delivered by emergency medical dispatchers are rare, but this baby girl is the second one born via telecommunications this month. Barczai’s partner delivered a healthy baby over the phone on August 7th.

Barczai said when dispatchers receive calls from women in labour, usually there is enough time for an ambulance to reach them.

She said she’s had a few close calls during her short time with Parkland, but has never helped deliver a baby over the phone.

Barczai is only six months into her career, but knows that this event will be one she will never forget.

“I never thought I would ever experience this. This will definitely be the one (call) I’ll always remember.”