Parkland Ambulance: take care when walking in winter

Parkland Ambulance is advising residents to take care out there as winter weather leaves walkways slippery.

Monday morning’s media release included tops to prevent slips and falls and what to do if one does take a tumble.

“Slips and falls are possibly one of the leading causes of injury to people during the winter months,” the agency wrote in the media release.

Parkland Ambulance suggested people wear good footwear, use a walking assist if they need one, take their time and always cross at the corner instead of the middle of the block, dress for the weather and watch where they are going.

If you do fall, take your time, Parkland Ambulance suggested.

“Because of embarrassment, we often want to get up or help someone up as quickly as possible,” Parkland Ambulance wrote.

  • They suggested you do a few things before getting up if you or someone else falls down.
  • Ensure you or someone else is not hurt
  • Does everything move such as arms, wrists, ankles and no pain at the hips
  • If there are no injuries then get upright. Do you feel dizzy, light-headed or not aware of what just happened?
  • If there are no injuries and no signs of a concussion then continue on. But if you have any injury, call paramedics, visit your doctor or go to a walk-in clinic.