Parent information packages for return to school released in Prince Albert

The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division and Prince Albert Catholic School Division both released a parent information package from the province on Thursday, August 27.

This served as a follow-up to school- specific plans released on the day prior.

The province said in a release that the Ministry of Education in collaboration with public health officials has released parent information packages for distribution to parents prior to the September 8 school year.

The Sask. Rivers Division thanked parents for their support and feedback in a letter sent Thursday. “Our schools are ready and able to welcome students back and to care for their mental wellness, physical health and their individual learning needs,” the letter, signed by board chair Barry Hollick and director of education Robert Bratvold, said.

The division reminded parents that remote learning options were avail- able as launched on Monday, August 24.They also encouraged those who have not registered to contact their local school or contact the Education Centre or website.

“We want to work with families to implement the best plans possible and that happens best when we have all students registered with our schools so we can connect and discuss their needs. If you have any questions about school plans or the division plans please connect with your local school principal or contact us at the Education Centre. We appreciate the opportunity to talk and work together,” the letter stated.

The Catholic Division’s letter to parents noted that the information contained in the package was important to read before the start of school. Parents or guardians are asked to be prepared for all scenarios.

“These situations may occur and may result in disruption of education processes for your child and family,” Catholic division director of education Lorel Trumier said in the letter.

“It is important to remember that no one is immune to communicable diseases. COVID-19 can impact anyone at any time. Be prepared and keep in- formed. Correspondence will continue to be provided to families via our web- site as information becomes available. Once school begins, communications can also be expected from school personnel as well.”

They also encouraged parents to visit both the province’s website and their own for more information.

These Parent information pack- ages contain general background on the Safe Schools Plan and guidance on how to prepare for a safe return to schools. e packages also include de- tailed fact-sheets on COVID-19 testing options and, processes for notification of illness in school and information regarding thresholds for changes to in classroom learning

“We know that as much information as possible will help parents, students, teachers and staff prepare for a safe return to schools,” Education Minister Gord Wyant said in the province’s press release.

He explained that the packages will ensure that important information and guidance is available including what parents can expect in the case of a positive COVID-19 result. This includes thresholds for changes to in classroom learning.

The package also contains new information on the process if a child, teacher or staff members tests positive for COVID-19 and guidance on further steps that could be taken including when individual students or cohorts should self-monitor or self-isolate.

Also included is information for parents and schools on thresholds for changes to in-classroom learning precipitated by the positive identification of COVID-19 in the classroom or school setting.

This approach was developed by public health and will be assessed throughout the school year based on transmission trends and risk, and health system and education system capacity. Thresholds included in the information packages outline scenarios for the identification of a single positive COVID-19 test result, out- break declarations in schools, and the pursuant thresholds for changes to in- classroom or school-wide delivery.

Parent information packages can be accessed via the document which was shared by school divisions on behalf of the Ministry of Education.