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Home News PAGC led team resumes search for missing Wollaston Lake boaters

PAGC led team resumes search for missing Wollaston Lake boaters

PAGC led team resumes search for missing Wollaston Lake boaters
Four members of the PAGC Search, Rescue and Recovery Team participate in a search exercise. The team will lead a four-day search in Wollaston Lake for two boaters who were reported missing on Oct. 13. -- Submitted photo.

The Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) has deployed its search, rescue and recovery team to search for two boaters from Hatchet Lake Denesuline Nation who went missing on Wollaston Lake.

RCMP, Canadian Rangers, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, and community volunteers from Hatchet Lake, Wollaston Lake and Stanley Mission spent roughly two weeks searching for the boaters. They found the body of a third boater three days into the search.

PAGC Grand Chief Brian Hardlotte said they plan on resuming the search for four days, with the assistance of the Lloydminster Rescue Squad, and the Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART).

“The last three weeks have been a difficult time for the families, community, and all those affected by this tragedy,” Hardlotte said in a media release. “Despite a thorough search by RCMP and others, two of the three boaters are still missing, and we plan on resuming their (search) efforts.”

The PAGC-led teams will travel to Wollaston Lake on Wednesday, and return on Saturday.

The Lloydminster Rescue Squad is made up of certified scuba divers with experience in under ice and water rescue. The HEART group is made up of volunteer certified divers from the Oak Bluff Hutterite Colony in Manitoba who specialize in underwater search and rescue.

Wollaston Lake RCMP received a report of three overdue boaters—two men and one woman—at around 5 p.m. on Oct. 13. Witnesses say one boater left Wollaston Lake at around 12:30 p.m., to pick up the other two at the large landing. They were expected back around two-and-a-half hours later, but did not arrive.

Searchers discovered the body of one missing man on Oct. 16. His family has been notified.

On Oct. 28, RCMP altered their search efforts to targeted areas based on new tips or information. They asked anyone with information about items of interest in the water or on the shoreline to contact them at 306-633-1200.