Old school sound

Submitted photo.

Folk roots and Americana with a psychedelic and new rock twist – that’s how Geoff Smith describes the sound of his solo project, Gunner and Smith.

The Saskatoon-based band is coming to Prince Albert on the heels of the release of their new album, Byzantium.

The album’s official release date is Sept. 22, and the band is performing that night at the Capitol in Saskatoon. The release party is continuing Sept. 23 at the Rock Trout Café, where Gunner and Smith will perform alongside All Mighty Voice.

Lyrics and dynamic changes drive the music forward.

“There are six of us onstage, so there’s quite a bit going on. There are a lot of big highs and some nice quiet parts,” Smith said.

“One of the things we always like to focus on is the song writing and the lyrical stories woven through it. It’s a lot of story telling, but also a lot of big instrumentals.”

The band’s sound has evolved as it has added and switched musicians. The band began as a solo project about five years ago, and Smith added musicians as time went on. Sometimes he still plays solo, when he hits the road to Ontario it’s not always practical to bring the whole band along.

“You kind of keep adding people as you need them,” Smith said. It’s been an ongoing, changing band over the last five years. When you find somebody new, they bring a fresh take to it, which is exciting. With this album, we had a new guitar player and a new drummer and they were really great to work with. They were able to bring something new to what we were already doing.”

While it won’t be Gunner and Smith’s first time playing alongside All Mighty Voice, it will be the first time the two have collaborated on All Mighty Voice’s home turf.

The show gets going at 9 p.m. at the Rock Trout Café, doors open at 8. Tickets are $15 in advance, available at the Rock Trout, and $20 at the door.