Officer who took Brett Henry’s sick call testifies

Saskatchewan Provincial Court in Prince Albert. Herald File Photo


Donna Barr

Herald contributor

Court heard an audio recording in the Constable Brett Henry impaired driving case Monday, allegedly of Henry calling in sick.

Crown prosecutor Bill Burge called Staff Sergeant Tadd Kellet to the stand. He acknowledged that he is the person in the recording of a call to the Prince Albert Police station at 3:22 am, March 3rd 2017.

In the call, Kellet attempts to have the caller identify themselves as Brett Henry, advising the caller that he had,” ‘taken a call about you drinking and driving. I just gotta make sure I got it right. I’m guessing I know who this is.”

The call concludes with Kellet saying, “Brett, can I put you down sick or not?” to which the caller replies, “Yes.”

Kellet said when the call came in, the call display showed Brett Henry. He also said the voice sounded tired and intoxicated, and that Brett Henry is normally well spoken.

Defense counsel Michael Owens asked Kellet whether there were any complaints specifically about Henry’s driving, to which Kellet said no, there were no complaints about actual vehicle operation.