Ode to Karlene

W. Quill

Karlene Hefen was only fifteen
When the kindly doctor sadly said
“There’s nothing more we can do!”
The words resounded in her head
Though Karlene already knew.

She stayed at home waiting
Her mother and father too.
One day Karlene called her mom and dad
“Call the doctor it’s time I’m through!”
Her mother’s voice confident yet sad
“Karlene surely it’s not true!”

Darling you thin kit’s time but why?!
“Mommy, call the doctor now!”
“The room is full of angels”
“It’s time I’m going to die!”

Karlene hugged her Bambi doll
And with several little sighs
Laid down on the sofa
And slowly closed her eyes.

The doctor arrived before too long
Karlen lay hugging her Bambi fawn
There were no tears in Karlene’s eyes
Her mother and father were on their knees
But Karlene and the angels by now had gone
“Bring her back doctor, doctor please!”
Without success the kindly doctor tries.