Northlands College and Cumberland College part of regional college funding announcement

On September 21 the Government of Saskatchewan announced annual funding of $24.2 million to the eight regional colleges in the province for skills training programs. Among the colleges receiving funding were Cumberland College, which serves the northeast and Northlands College that serves the far north.
In a release, the government explained that the funding allows the Colleges to deliver a variety of education and skills training programs including Adult Basic Education (ABE), both off and on-reserve, Essential Skills for the Workplace (ESWP), as well as the Skills Training Allocation. 

ABE and ESWP programs provide adult learners with basic employment skills and workplace experience that leads to either further training or attachment to the labour market.

“Cumberland College is very grateful to the Government of Saskatchewan for providing this level of funding in a challenging fiscal environment,” Cumberland College President and CEO Mark Hoddenbagh said. 

“Dealing with the pandemic has had a large impact on our operations and this annual funding is enabling us to maintain continuity in our programming for adult learners who are seeking to attain Grade 12 equivalency and further develop their employability skills.”

“Northlands College is very pleased to receive this continued and significant level of funding for Skills Training programming from the government of Saskatchewan,” Northlands College President and CEO Guy Penney said. 

“The College identifies this funding commitment from the province as being instrumental in enabling our institution to continue to meet the training needs of northerners.”
“The Government of Saskatchewan has been working with our industries to deliver real training opportunities that make sense for our labour market and those careers in demand,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said. 

 “We want to see more people actively engaged in the workforce, which benefits individuals, families, and communities right across our province.  The programs our regional colleges will deliver with this funding, from basic skills programs to language training, will support individuals as they pursue further education and move into employment opportunities in Saskatchewan.”

The Skills Training Allocation provides access to accredited training programs that meet the labour market needs of employers across various sectors of the provincial economy.  Funding is also provided to support the delivery of language training programs.