Northern Lights Quilt Guild supporting CIBC Run for the Cure

Northern Lights Quilt Guild Photo The special quilt that is on display with other quilts at the Sherven-Smith Art Gallery for the month of August.

The Northern Lights Quilt Guild in Melfort has teamed up the CIBC branch to raise funds for the CIBC Run for the Cure.

The group has made a special quilt that is the centrepiece of this month’s display at the Sherven-Smith Art Gallery in the Kerry Vickar Centre. The quilt was partially the inspiration of Maryanne Robblee, a vice president of the Northern Lights Quilt Guild

“We took the quilt and we offered it to CIBC on the premise that we could display it for the month of August,” Robblee explained. “Right now it is set up in the gallery.”

The quilt display will help direct people to information about Run for the Cure. That includes where the event takes place and how to register.

The quilt idea came about after each member received a “fat square” that was five different fabrics in prints and solid of the colour pink. They were instructed to take the square home and add white to the design and make what they wished.

As a former CIBC employee, Robblee knew all about Run for the Cure, and was eager to support it. So were her fellow quilters.

“At one time, the Run for the Cure, I think, was the second run for cancer that came into the public knowledge after the Terry Fox Run,” she explained. “CIBC has always been a supporter. I can remember being at the branch, and I actually ran in a few of the runs where we did it as a branch team effort.”

After sending out the “fat squares”, the guild received 34 blocks back. Robblee said they were all very attractive, and that inspired the group to do something more with them.

She said using them to boost cancer research was a natural progression.

“We are a woman’s association. Every one of us can relate to someone who has had breast cancer or has cancer altogether,” Robblee said.

She then suggested the group put together a quilt and donate it to the Melfort branch of CIBC for a fundraiser for the 2022 Run for the Cure.

“With this association, if you suggest something, it’s your baby,” Robblee said. “We got it all put together and we were fortunate enough … to be given the gallery (the Kerry Vickar Centre) for August. The quilt is displayed in the gallery with a collection of other quilts the guild members have done.

Along with the Run for the Cure quilt, there are also two windows outside the gallery with Northern Lights Quilt Guild displays. There is also a chance to make a donation for the cause at the gallery and, after August, at the branch on Main Street.

“A donation is not required, but it is appreciated. I would just like to let everybody know, go in and have a look at it and also just see what we do as a group,” Robblee said.

“If you are interested in doing a donation go to the branch, they should have the material for the ballot and they are taking the money.”

The group rents rooms in the Kerry Vickar Centre and receives Saskatchewan Lotteries grants as a non-profit. They are also known for doing charity quilts for the Melfort Hospital and other groups.

Jim Amundrud does the long arm quilting of the charity quilts and the guild covers the cost for threads and other aspects.

“We also give to the hospital for anybody with cancer that comes in for treatment, (or) if we hear via the grapevine that somebody is ill,” Robblee said.

The group has also donated quilts to new immigrant families and approximately 25 to 50 to the Salvation Army.

“We are a resource, but a lot of people don’t realize that we do that,” Robblee said. “Our membership is getting older and we are always looking for new members, so if there are any ladies that have just retired and have free time and know a little bit about sewing, we can help them learn how to quilt. We would welcome any new members.”

The branch has the Run for the Cure information on display and they will get the quilt at the end of August.