Nominations open for the 2021 Women’s Hall of Fame

Deadline for nominations is Feb. 13

The Council of Women's Randi Arnot (left) and Coun. Dennis Ogrodnick pose with Laura Quesnel at the Women's Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Wildlife Federation on Mar. 10, 2020.

The Prince Albert Council of Women is looking for a new inductee to add to their wall of fame at City Hall.

Rose Rothenburger, treasurer for the council, says that they are looking for a woman who has given back to the community. That can include a woman whose contributions have impacted the province or country, but their efforts have to benefit the Prince Albert community as well. 

“We’re just looking for someone who goes that extra mile and gives a little bit more of herself. There are just so many women in Prince Albert who do that,” Rothenburger said in an interview with the Herald.

Rothenburger hopes people have a look around and notice a women who is doing extra work in the community and send in a nomination.

“There are so many deserving women in and around Prince Albert and this is just a great way to acknowledge them,” she said. “Women, we’re just not good at taking credit for anything and so I think it’s really important that we acknowledge the work that they do.”

In the past, the council has hosted a banquet and meal where they present the award to the inductee. Typically, the award is presented on International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8. Rothenburger says this year’s celebration will depend on what the public health guidelines are in March.

She said one of the ideas would be to have a small presentation at City Hall with up to two council members, the inductee, and up to two of the inductee’s family members.

As for the nomination criteria, the nominee does not have to be involved with the council. A nominee will be selected based on their achievements, length of service in a volunteer or workplace accomplishments and/or demonstrated leadership, according to a press release.

The person who makes the nomination also does not have to be involved with the council, and does not have to be a woman. Nominations are due by Feb. 13, 2021 and forms are available on the groups Facebook page. Those looking for forms can also email or who will provide one.

Women previously inducted into the hall of fame have their picture hung up on a wall on the second floor of City Hall.

“These women, not only do a lot of good work in the community, they’re really good mentors and models for the generation that’s coming up and I think it’s important that we acknowledge them,” Rothenburger said.