New superintendent hired in Sask. Rivers School Division

Jennifer Hingley will be joining the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division as a superintendent in August./Submitted Photo

The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division (SRSD) has found their replacement for outgoing superintendent Randy Emmerson. The division announced on Tuesday, June 9 that they had hired Jennifer Hingley to become their newest Superintendent of Schools beginning August 1.

Emmerson is leaving to become the director of education for the Sun West School Division.

Hingley brings a diverse background with a focus in Indigenous education.

“I think the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division is doing some wonderful work in First Nations and Métis education plus for all learners so I am really pleased to be joining that team and hopefully being able to offer some of my experience and knowledge and gifts to that team,” Hingley said.

“I have a strong belief that being responsive to communities and community needs and I just really believe in making connections and relationships to make a difference for students and families.”

She explained that the opportunity arose and she applied because it is another step in her career goals and aspirations.

In their release the division stated that Hingley brings a broad range of experience and diverse abilities to SRPSD and has specialized skills in supporting curriculum, instruction and assessment; ensuring Indigenous student success and leading professional development and partnerships.

Hingley has worked in the field of education for 25 years. After beginning her career in Turnor Lake in Northern Saskatchewan she then moved to the Saskatoon Public Schools beginning as a middle years teacher. She is currently serving as the principal at Brownell Elementary in Saskatoon.

Hingley has also served as a project leader in education in a partnership between Saskatoon Public Schools and the Saskatoon Tribal Council, a consultant for First Nations and Métis Education as well as a coordinator for the same.

Hingley is a 1996 graduate of the SUNTEP (Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program) at the University of Saskatchewan. The program was started by Métis political leaders in the 1980s to fill the void with Indigenous and Métis teachers. The program was created at the Gabriel Dumont Institute.

“The goals of that program are to provide opportunity for Métis individuals but also to really give people the chance to understand their culture and their history in an education context so that when you go out into the schools you going being able to be well-versed in an understanding of culture and history and also to be able to contribute to that school system. So I feel like that SUNTEP program has given me the base for my identity, it has given me the confidence and it has given me the opportunity to flourish as a teacher within our provincial school system,” Higley explained.

“It’s a wonderful program for Métis people. It has made a huge contribution to our educational system and it has made a difference in Métis people’s lives. I am one of those people.”

The division explained that Hingley will contribute a great deal of skill and ability to the senior leadership team and to the division. She explained that getting people such as herself into leadership positions shows the value of the program.

“I had wonderful mentors in the program and as well we have continued to stay connected through SUNTEP with all of our relationships and connections and friendships. So I am always happy to highlight the wonderful experience I had as a SUNTEP student,” Hingley said.

Her son is following in her footsteps in the program and she also has a daughter in high school. Hingley will be moving to Prince Albert ahead of starting her position in August.

Saskatchewan Rivers looks forward to the work Hingley will lead and to the expertise she will provide for the benefit of our students, staff and families.

As is required for these kinds of positions in the province, the finalization of the appointment includes a number of steps including approval of the Education Relations Board designation as Out of Scope as well as confirmation of membership as a qualified member of the League of Educational Administrators Superintendents and Directors and those details will be coordinated in the coming weeks.

The division was surprised by the number of candidates and depth of talent in the applicants.

“We have filled the position we had an outstanding pool of candidates, we really did, I was concerned because of the time of year but we have completed that process and have a new superintendent who will be joining us on August 1,” director of education Robert Bratvold said.

They invite the community to join them in welcoming Hingley to the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division team and to our communities.