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Home News New Little Red play area aimed at older youth, teens

New Little Red play area aimed at older youth, teens

New Little Red play area aimed at older youth, teens
Left, Keith Fonstad, Rotary Club presidents and Malcolm Jenkins pose following an annouced expansion of the play area at Little Red Park next year.

The almost fully fundraised Rotary adventure park planned for the Little Red River Park will be a more intense experience aimed at youth eight to 14 years old.

At the Rotary Club’s annual Wine Premier on Nov. 6, the Club along with Malcolm Jenkins of Canadian Tire announced they would work together to help make the plan a reality.

“It’s such a pleasure to do this,” Jenkins said. “This will happen next year and it will be beautiful.”

Jenkins, through Canadian Tire and Party City, has contributed to many projects promoting physical activity in the City.  Jenkins also called on the City to start running an hourly shuttle bus to the park to allow more people to use the area—a position he’s advocated for before.

“We need a shuttle bus,” he said. “It’s great having it (the park) out there but there are folks who can’t get out there. They don’t have motorbikes, they don’t have cars,.”

The partnership between the Rotary Club and Jenkins is an expansion of the planned park. It will include five ziplines, swings and two more large play structures.

Rotary Club of Prince Albert president Keith Fonstad said they were excited to announce the partnership to expand the park.

“The additional structures and play areas will double the footprint of the play area, as well as increase the capacity to have more than 150 youth engaged comfortably and safely in outdoor play at one time,” Fonstad explained.

The expansion is still in the design process. Construction will likely start in 2022.

With a target of older youth, features in the Adventure Park also include a climbing centre, parkour style circuit area, fitness area, swings along with the newly announced items.

A newly announced partnership between the Rotary Club of Prince Albert and Malcolm Jenkins of Canadian Tire will help build this structure along with five ziplines and more at Little Red Park in 2022.

To help make the site more attractive to families, there will also be more picnic sites and benches, a refreshed picnic shelter and expanded walking trails.

“Getting involved in the Rotary Adventure Park was an easy decision,” Jenkins said. “The concept to provide an active outdoor opportunity for older youth of Prince Albert is a natural extension of the park by the Alfred Jenkins Field House.”

Combining the scenic setting of the Little Rid River Park with a whole-family experience concept was also attractive and consistent with other previously supported projects.”

With the announcement on Saturday, the proposed $1,200,000 project will be 89 per cent funded.

The Rotary Club is continuing to accept sponsorships and donations – details at www.princealbertrotary.org